Climb The Rockies

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Climb The Rockies
A Video Trail Guide to the COLORADO MOUNTAINS

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Mt of the Holy Cross
Pikes Peak
Huron Peak
Mt Elbert
Castle Peak
Mt Antero
Humboldt Peak
Torreys Peak
La Plata Peak
Wetterhorn Peak
Credits 1

Quandary Peak
Missouri Mtn
Mt Lindsey
Mt Yale #1
Mt Yale #2
Mt Bierstadt
Mt Massive
North Maroon Peak
Mt Sherman
Mt Shavano
Longs Peak
Credits 2

"... gives climbers vivid pictures of exactly what sort of climbing they can expect... The views are incredible, beginning with introductory footage shot from a helicopter... When you watch this tape it makes you itchy to go climb something."
"... gives the sensation of actually being on each mountain from trailhead to summit... contains excellent aerial maps, useful hiking info and enjoyable segments with hikers."

Copyright 2008 Jerry Presley