Climb The Rockies

Climb The Rockies



Climb The Rockies
A Video Trail Guide to the COLORADO MOUNTAINS

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The Climb The Rockies Video Trail Guide is the perfect way to plan your trip to the Colorado mountains. Take a tour through twenty of the most exciting and beautiful 14'ers in the Colorado Rockies. Each video trip is an invaluable planning resource, with all the information you need to conquer the fourteener of your choice, whether in person or from your armchair! See what the trail is like before you go or show friends and family the beautiful scenery after you've returned. Much better than a book or map alone. 


Each Video Trip Includes
Complete mountain information
Clear trailhead maps
Aerial views of each route
Actual scenes of the climb, from trailhead to summit
Hints, tips and firsthand advice from climbers right on the trail

"The spectacular scenery and elation of reaching each summit are well depicted and inspiring... a great reference kit for beginning and experienced climbers."
"A wonderful new concept in trail guides, you actually get to see the trail... Entertaining and informative."

Copyright 2008, Jerry Presley